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A Little Help

Every supervisor, manager and parent has heard this line before.  What if we changed it and said “It’s not My Job…”

  • To judge you – I don’t know what you’ve been through, and I’ve probably done that before myself.
  • To not believe you – Innocent until proven guilty applies to how we treat people in our lives too.
  • To do it all by myself – Instead ask for help – it can be hard, often it’s the same advice we give others when they ask us for help.

It’s not My Job comes with all sorts of baggage and none of it comes from the place of empathy, of service or of kindness.  Could your job be:

  • To give someone a moment of joy in an otherwise difficult situation.
  • Provide support to people who can never reciprocate?
  • Volunteer to help other volunteers.

As hard as it is to do someone else’s job, or be there to support others who may face challenges, it’s the right thing to do.  It’s impossible to do unless you are willing to remove your judgement of the situation and the people who are involved.  If you can, your happiness will be it’s own reward.

Be good.