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I Love Coffee

Morning coffee is a staple for many people every day.  How you make that cup of coffee has gone through many changes over the last few years.  You can use a standard coffee maker, or a fancy coffee maker like a Moka Pot or French Press.  Coffee isn’t just coffee anymore either, now it’s mochas, and lattes and other things with made up names ending in chino.

What hasn’t changed?  How you stir it up, we stir up our cup of coffee using a spoon.  If we are out at a retail coffee shop or in a hotel room we might use a coffee stir stick, but if we are at home or in a restaurant, it’s usually a spoon.  Why do we use a spoon to stir our coffee? Maybe it’s going to be too hot and we will use the spoon to blow on it, sure but only for the first few sips. For most of us we use a spoon because someone gave us a spoon with a cup of coffee, or we got a spoon with our coffee at a restaurant.

If the goal of stirring up your coffee is to get the best mix of coffee, cream and sugar a fork works better.  The coffee and additional ingredients will get a better stir or mix using a fork.

How many other places are we using a spoon, when a fork will work better?

Be Good,

  • Chris