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Wander In

You can “wander into” a lot of places, and a lot of things.

You can wander in to debt.

You can wander into to spending too much time in or at work.

You can wander into overeating and wander out of going to the gym.

You can wander into letting your kids take advantage.

It seems you can wander into to a lot of bad habits over a long period of time, and the weight of all that wandering can kill your joy.  The anxiety, the sleepless nights, the guilt and self-loathing that come from being undisciplined can wear you out.

The only way out is the opposite of wandering.

To get out of debt, takes self discipline, focus, consistency, a budget, a plan and ZERO unconscious spending.

To get out of working too much, takes building systems, learning to delegate, growing your business.

To get in shape, takes self discipline, focus, time management, training and energy.

To raise great kids who will experience discipline, and know how to take care of themselves as adults, takes guts, faith, prayer and the ability to say “no” with a reasonable explanation, even when it seems like you are the only parent on the planet doing so.  See cell phone data limits, wifi time limits, screen time rules and requiring any teenager of driving age to have a part time job.

Wandering is easy, but it can also make you broke, overwhelmed, fat and contribute to raising spoiled children.

Self discipline, focus and conscious thinking about what you want your life to look like is hard, but it can also make you rich, happy, thin, and satisfied that you raised children in a home filled with love, kindness and respect.

Be Good,

  • Chris