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Never Stop Learning

I would consider myself a lifelong learner, an avid reader and someone who works everyday to learn better ways to do all kinds of things.  My inquisitive nature was not formed or expanded through traditional education. I was not a good student and I do not enjoy things I’m not good at.  This may have been a place where my stubbornness was a benefit. I never felt stupid, I need reason and most of the structure behind a traditional education lacked reason, or maybe it lacked efficiency.  I need a problem to solve, a reason to solve it, and the ability to act in as many ways as I need to act, to solve it. Learning for the sake of learning was never my thing.

The downside to figuring everything out on your own, or thinking you are figuring out everything on your own can make you a bad teacher.  I can give you the basics, maybe the overarching concept, after that you are on your own, and I will get frustrated by your questions and what seems to me to be your inability to “figure it out on your own.”  After all I did, why can’t you? In my business as an entrepreneur, we keep telling ourselves if they could figure it out on their own, they would be entrepreneurs and owners, not employees.

Army of one will only get you so far, only the many will get you where you really want to go.

Be Good,

  • Chris