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Who will you be when the time comes…


1 : of or relating to courageous people

2 a : exhibiting or marked by courage and daring

b : supremely noble or self-sacrificing

3 : of impressive size, power, extent, or effect

B (1) : of great intensity

  (2) : of a kind that is likely only to be undertaken to save a life

When I think hero I think of a person, when I think heroic I think of an action.  First Responders, Life Savers, Care Givers, Front Line Fighters (Military or Civil) and many others like them are heroes.  They take heroic action all the time.

The rest of us, have the potential to act in a heroic way.  Those that run into the fire to make sure everyone else has made it out, or jump in the river to save someone from drowning.  These can be everyday people that wouldn’t normally be heroic, but the situation presented itself and the Inner Hero appeared.

There is a lot written about how money will only make you more of what you already are.  If you are kind and generous, money will just make you kinder and more generous. If you are a mean and stingy, money will just make you more mean and stingy.

How about heroic?  If you are kind and generous, when the opportunity appears and you have the chance to act, your inner hero will be there.  If you are mean and stingy and the same opportunity appears, you will run and hide.

Let’s go heroes, we need you now!

Be Good,

  • Chris