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confidence and joy
I Still Believe

Who inspires you?  30 years ago it was Rock Stars and Anti-Establishment Punks, I am a Gen-Xer.  It was also simple people; friends, and some relatives and just people not looking for a spotlight, just doing what they thought was right.  Confidence also plays a part in what has always inspired me.

I remember sitting in a church years ago and listening to a Jewish Rabbi talk about Faith and Religion.  I am not Jewish and many of the details have already faded from my memory.  I was in my 20’s and I remember a friend asked me to go see this Rabbi speak.  I don’t even remember what he said or what his message was, I just remember how confident he was about saying it.

Being able to communicate your true belief in a way that doesn’t feel as though you are trying to convince me to follow it, only to show how deep a part of that belief is in you, is inspirational.

His presence was honest and transparent, it didn’t need to be fact checked, it was what he believed and he was showing the audience.  We talk a lot about transparency these days, that nuance between myself as an audience member and this Rabbi was all I needed to believe he was being honest and transparent.  We also talk a lot about our pre-historic lizard brains guiding some behaviors, I hope the nuance to see true honesty is also part of the lizard brain that stays with us as the world changes.

I heard a line from a TV show yesterday, “We all worship something.”  It’s not a new line and can be used in the context of many things.  What inspires me is finding people who worship something good, true and beautiful.  There is something beautiful when I find people with confidence of this conviction, especially those who have spent a life time in its pursuit. 

Today (04/01/20) this can also be said for the millions of health care professionals and care takers around the world, risking their own lives based on what they believe in.  YOU, inspire me.

Be good,

  • Chris