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Just Do It Every Day

What have I learned this week?  First, I’m glad I have 360 days to grow as a writer, these passages, honest and raw as they may have been, were not well thought out and poorly written.  My goal is not to have passages ready for true publication week 1, it’s only to prove to myself that I will write something, even something terrible and publish it on a blog everyday for 365 days this year.  Half of the things I wrote this week I struggled to come up with. Everyday I started by saying, “I’m going to get my writing done early today.” I think WordPress actually publishes the time I posted each article, I don’t think anything was posted before 9:00 PM, and Friday’s post went out at 11:45 PM, just 15 minutes before my self-imposed deadline.

I’ve learned a lot in the first week alone and like many things I’ve learned more about what I don’t like and what takes the most time, versus the things that help me find a rhythm or a flow.  All of that will come in time, I still completed 5 articles, I don’t have all the data, but I would guess most posts were close to 500 words.

The gift and the curse of strong self actualization has been a part of my life as long as I can remember.  For me, I have to touch something frequently and consistently over a long period of time to be successful. I also started my first business when I was in college (in the 90’s kids!) and my favorite quote about entrepreneurs is that entrepreneurs have a tolerance for ambiguity.  I don’t remember where I heard or read the quote, but I’ve lived by it, or lived by what that means to me. What it means to me is that I will tolerate being a terrible writer today, and I know with persistence, practice and training I will be a good writer in time.

The time I wrote this post: 8:15 PM, progress!!

Be Good,

  • Chris