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Recently a friend of mine recommended a Vitamix Turboblend blender for smoothies, and what I like to call “green eating”.  I have used several blenders and juicers in the past.  Every morning I have an all plant based protein shake with egg whites, walnuts and half a frozen banana.  I use the Cuisinart Hand Blender for my shakes and it works great.  I’m not a big fan of breakfast, if it weren’t for wanting to be healthy, I’d rather just have a cup of coffee in the morning and wait for lunch to eat.  I agree with theory the fewer meals you eat the more your body stores, so I have a high protein plant based shake in the morning, lunch and dinner every day.

I’ve always tried to eat healthy and workout.  My exercise of choice has always been running.  Nothing gives me dopamine shot like a good run.  Add kids, busy schedules and everyday life and eating healthy can be hard.  Add age into that same equation and BOOM!  Hello “fat pants!”  A couple of years ago I tried juicing, my wife and kids bought me a Jack Lalanne Power Juicer.  All the goodness of fruits and vegetables in a nice easy glass of juice.  A few big challenges with the juicer, first the thing was a pain to clean, lots of pieces to wash and the micro filter was really hard to wash.  Second it took 20 minutes to prepare the food you were going to juice?  Finally, in order to get a glass of juice you were going to spend a fortune on produce to get it.  A glass of orange juice could take 3 oranges, and you threw away 50% of the food?  That all adds up to a juicer that took up a lot of space in our pantry.

Next up the Vitamix Turboblend blender.  We’ve had the new blender for a little over a week, and so far I love it!  It take no time to prep fruits and vegetables, all you need to do it wash them, and if you are using fruits with rinds; oranges, tangerines and such, you should peal the rind off.  Everything else I just throw into the Vitamixer.  For the last week I’ve been making smoothie juice drinks with; kale, spinach, carrots, tomatoes, celery, peppers, tangerines, apples, and bananas.  Are they the best tasting things I’ve ever had?  No, but they are easy to drink, I get a ton of great micro nutrients and the waste product from the Vitamixer is probably 3%.  The only thing I don’t throw into this thing are rinds, stems and seeds, everything else goes.  The Vitamixer itself is just a really strong blender.  It looks like a commercial blender, like one you would see at a bar for making margaritas, which I’m sure this one does to.  Clean up for the Vitamixer is a breeze, it’s a blender, all you do is wash out the blender jar and the lid, that’s it.  I would say the only challenge to the Vitamixer is the price, I bought ours on Amazon for about $400 and I’ve seen them go for $400 to $600.  For me and my family it will be money well spent, I plan on using this everyday as my primary daily source of vegetables and super foods.  I’ll keep you posted on the long term benefits, as well as adding recipes when I find or discover new ones.  Bon Appetite!

Feel free to comment with your own experiences, suggestions and advice; I would encourage a healthy dialogue.  Please do not use my personal blog to solicit, or sell.  I will moderate all healthy debates, I created my blog to write about the things that interest me, and my optimistic views on my world.  I reserve the right to remove any post I view as too negative, aggressive or without a relevant purpose to the discussions at hand.