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Thought – Post – Publish – Done!

Day 2 of my writing 100+ words per day in 2019. I won’t waste time recapping the Day 1 post, it was exciting and satisfying. More importantly, it was published.

What got in the Way?

Day 1 came with all sorts of unexpected issues prior to publishing my first blog article last night. I knew that it would, I’ve been in tech, small business and entrepreneurship for 20+ years, logging into WordPress and having 800 updates waiting to be applied is just another Monday. All I wanted to do was write, proof and post which I did at approximately 10:00 PM last night. I’ll do the same today, maybe a little bit earlier if I’m lucky.

The post was about perfectionism, and procrastination, I’m taking those nasty habits and pushing through to GO! Or publish in my case. In order to keep even my unknown blog legitimate, I went back into one of my old iStock photo subscriptions and paid for stock photography.

I expect that I will need to read about copyright laws and hope that I don’t get sued, I will have to buy and install an SSL certificate on my blog, just so I don’t have to look at the words “Not Secure” when my little blog loads. 100 other things will pop-up over the course of the next month and I will deal with them all, but I hope none of them will prevent me from publishing my 100 words.

How I got Around It

I just kept it simple, I wrote something about pushing through to post, and that’s what I did. All the other stuff that will come up and the more I find ways to deal with, work around and in repetitive cases a better way to solve the stuff moving forward. I’m focused on the writer I’m going to be on December 31st 2019, 364 days from today, mystery solved.

Be Good!

  • Chris