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“In running and in life the ONLY thing looking back does is slow you down!”


I used to be a runner, ouch it still hurts to say those words.  As a runner, goal #1 was to never say “I used to be a runner”. My thought process back in those days was taking enough care of my body in order to run for more years.  Unfortunately a combination of a skeletal issue (disc degeneration), lifestyle and age I wound up at 41 in a hospital having a discectomy and spinal fusion, leading to my status as a former runner.


Running was a big part of my life in my 30’s.  I ran to relieve stress, to think, to have time with myself, as a workout, to be outside, to stay in great shape, a list of other positive attributes.  What started out as a simple workout plan, turned into a full blown addiction in a few short years. Running was my idol, my false idol and I was praying at the temple too much.


It’s the first commandment and I’ve broken it more than once.  Even one that starts out as a way to think and get into shape can become too much, too important and another unhealthy addiction.  I don’t run anymore, but ride an indoor bike (Spinning) several times a week. I know my body better and how to manage what I do to it.  I also know when activities are becoming a distraction and getting in the way of The Hard Work.

“In running and in life the ONLY thing looking back does is slow you down!”

I wrote that when I was running, it was true then, and it’s still true today.  Learn the lessons and move forward.

Be Good,

  • Chris